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Frequent questions
Where in the village can I found the ESF Information Office?
Which starting point should I choose for my classes?
How do I book a course of lessons?
What is the "MAX 6" course?
What's the general plan for the week in group lessons?
My child is taking lessons for the first time, can I stay with the group?
What is included in the price for Club Piou Piou - Village des Marmottons?
The price includes:

. The course of ski lessons, delivered by instructors holding National qualifications ;
. The care and attention of the club hosts & hostesses ;
. Access and use of the Marmottons ski lifts ;
. A snack.
How should my child be dressed?
Dress your child warmly, several thinner thermal layers will keep them warmer.
Above all, make sure they have a well fitting helmet.
Goggles or sun glasses of good quality and gloves.
No matter what the weather, protect your child with sunscreen and a stick-type lip protector.

How should my child be equipped?
Children must arrive for lessons with equipment suitable for their level of proficiency and adjusted by a professional, including skis, ski poles, boots and helmet.

Children booked into Beginner, Ourson and Flocon groups don't need ski poles.

Pupils should arrive with their lesson card (with your correct mobile number on it) and their lift pass.
They should know which of their pockets contain these items.

A small snack eg cereal bar coul also be slipped into a pocket.

We also recommend that you take a "Carte Neige" insurance for your child or "Ticket SnowRisk".
What happens at the end of week assessments?
The assessments take place during your child's last lesson on Friday.

Assessment for the Bronze Star and Gold Star happens over two sessions.
The timed evaluation happens on the Thursday and the technical evaluation happens on the Friday.

You can find details of the various assessments for all the levels in the "carnets de capacité" (log books) or on

The end of week medals and log books validate internationally recognised levels and technical competence.
The medals and log books (carnets de capacité) are presented by the instructor during the end of week ceremony on Friday at the group's usual meeting place.
Will my child get a medal?
Is the lift pass included?
Do I need to collect a bib (tabard) before group lessons?
Is insurance included?
Is equipment included?