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Come and discover Biathlon at the heart of the ESF Châtel: a high precision sport which mixes shooting (laser carbines) with cross-country skiing. This sport also allies the endurance necessary for the cross-country skiing with the calm control need to fire the weapon accurately.
Périodes & Horaires
Dates & Times
 group lessons 
only during 
february holidays
and Wednesday
From 3pm to 5pm
From 8 years old - Beginners to confirmed level
Information and booking only by phone or to our office
Tableaux de Tarifs
group lessons price : 32€ per session
ONLY DURING HOLIDAYS (Christmas, New Year and February)
Initiation / discovery : Tuesday and Wednesday from 3pm to 5pm
DURING ALL THE SEASON: By private lessons
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Laurence, customer of ESF Châtel
I was already a big fan of cross-country skiing, and therefore it was natural that I was tempted by Biathlon. It was a great experience, genial and fun.
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