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Skiing differently
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Discover another way of skiing
Telemark is one of the oldest skiing techniques. Whatever your level or your aims, the instructors of ESF Châtel facilitate your learning and progress to help you master this amazing Nordic sport.
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Price private lessons - TELEMARK
From 52€
Private lessons - TELEMARK
Our prices don't include lift passes.
Every day of the week1 Pers.2 Pers. Prices
1 x 1H lesson52 €62 €
1 x 1H30 lessons78 €93 €
1 x 2H lesson104 €124 €
                                          Extra person: from +10 € / hour 
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Lucas, customer of the ESF Châtel
Telemark is a completely different ski skill. I’ve always wanted to try it but had never found the courage and I’m very glad I finally took a lesson because the feelings are actually not the same as regular skiing. It was a great experience, which I plan to try again next year!
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