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Frequently asked questions

Which meeting point should I choose?
There are 3 meeting points for group or private lessons:

  • Super Châtel sector: Meeting point at the top of the Super Châtel gondola lift.
  • Pré la Joux area: Meeting point at the bottom of the slopes, between the Pierre Longue chairlift and the restaurant "La Perdrix Blanche".
  • Club Piou Piou - Village des Marmottons: 1214 Route des Freinets - About 1.5 km from the village center.
The choice of the meeting place often depends on where you are staying in Châtel, your means of transportation (car, free bus...) and the period of your stay.

  • From January 8 to February 3, 2023 and from March 5 to March 24, 2023: group lessons only at SUPER CHATEL
  • From March 26 and until the end of the 2023 season: group lessons only at PRE LA JOUX
Where is the "Piou Piou - Village des Marmottons" club located?
The "Piou Piou - Village des Marmottons" club is a place specially dedicated to children from 3 to 5 years old (beginners to Ourson level).

Address: 1214 Route de Freinets - At about 1.5 km from the center of the village of Châtel.
Free bus : line 2 - "Loy" stop.
What is included in the price of the "Piou Piou - Village des Marmottons" club?
The price includes :
  • Ski lessons given by qualified instructors.
  • Supervision and animation by instructors.
  • Access to the "Piou Piou - Village des Marmottons" ski lifts.
  • Snacks.
My child is registered for fullday lessons, is the meal included?
During school holidays, you can enroll your children during the day.
This includes :
  • Morning group lessons
  • Afternoon group lessons.
The lunch space is not included.
You must pick up your children at the end of morning lessons and drop them off at the meeting point for afternoon lessons.
What is the "MAX 6" course?
The "MAX 6" course is a group course limited to 6 students, from beginner to Gold Star level.

It is an alternative between group and private lessons, as you will benefit from the dynamism and the friendly atmosphere of a group, but also from the technical supervision of a private lesson.

This guarantees steady progress for the group and allows the instructor to give each student all the attention he or she needs in the best possible conditions.

This course is only available during school holidays:
  • Christmas-New Year: from 2:15 to 4:30 pm
  • February: from 11:15 am to 1:15 pm
Is there a deadline for booking lessons?
. The online sale closes on D-3 (i.e. Thursday for a course that starts on Sunday).

. PLEASE NOTE: for the "You can ski" pack, reservations can be made ONLY on the internet. No possibility of reservation by telephone or on site at our office.

Is the ski pass included in the lessons?
You must arrive at the lessons with your ski pass ("Espace Liberté Châtel" or "Portes du Soleil" for the Freeride course.

For children under 5 years old, the pass is free but you must go to the ski lift cash desks to request a free pass. You will be asked for proof of your date of birth, remember to take the identity card of your child(ren).
We also advise you to insure your children with the Carte Neige license or the Snowrisk ticket.
Which ski pass should I buy?
For children, preparation Ourson to gold star: "Espace Liberté Châtel" pass.
For adults from "Discovery" to "Advanced" level: "Espace Liberté Châtel" pass.
"Freeride" course: "Portes du Soleil" ski pass.
These passes are on sale at the ski lift ticket offices or online: www.skipass-chatel.com 
Will my child get a medal?
Friday is evaluation day!
Children's progress is certified by an official ESF level and rewarded with a medal for every child, whatever the result.
The medal is included in group lessons and "Max6" 5 or 6 sessions, as well as in packs of 6 consecutive private lessons. 
They will be presented by the instructors at the end of the week, when the medals are awarded.
For private lessons of less than 6 sessions, and provided you have acquired a minimum level, the medal is offered at a price of 7.50€ (on sale at the ESF office on presentation of proof of level issued by the instructor at the end of the lesson).
How do the level tests work?
Children enrolled in group lessons take their level test on Friday, during the last ski lesson.
Children are awarded medals at the meeting point, according to their results in the technical ability tests.
The Bronze Star, Silver Stard and Gold Star tests are done in two parts, on Thursday the timed part and on Friday the technical part.
How should I dress my child?
Dress your child warmly and don't forget helmet, goggles and gloves.

Protect your child with sun cream and lip stick whatever the weather.
How should I equip my child?
Children must arrive equipped with skis, boots and a helmet.

We also advise you to insure your children with the Carte Neige licence or the Snowrisk Ticket.
My child is taking lessons for the first time, can I attend the lessons?
The presence of parents is often a disturbing element for the children who no longer focus on the lesson.

For the smooth running of the lessons, we ask you not to attend the lessons or to do it discreetly.

Do not hesitate to contact the instructor if you have any questions about the lesson and your child's progress.
Do I need to pick up a bib before the group classes?
The children will be given a bib by their instructor on the first day of the course, at the meeting point.
This bib will be kept throughout the week and will be collected on the last day after the medal ceremony.
If you stop during the week, we ask you to give it back to the instructor or at the esf office.
In case of loss or non-return, a fee of €15 will be charged.
Is the insurance included?
Students are not insured by esf.
Mountain rescue services are not free of charge and must be paid for by the injured party.
To avoid any risks or financial problems in the event of an accident, we advise you to take out a Snowrisk ticket which can be added to your lift pass.
The SNOWRISK insurance provides you with all the necessary insurance and assistance in case of an accident during your stay.
Available at the lift ticket offices and on the online sales site of the lift company (with the purchase of your weekly lift pass).
From €3.50 per day and per person. Ski with peace of mind with Snowrisk!