We answer your questions

Which meeting point should I choose?
There are 2 meeting points for group or private lessons:

  • Super Châtel sector (children over 5 years old)
  • Pré la Joux area (children over 5 years old)
Your meeting point often depends on where you live in Châtel, your means of transport (car, free bus...) and the time of your stay.
Will my child get a medal?
Friday is evaluation day!
Children's progress is certified by an official ESF level and rewarded with a medal.
The medal is included in packs of 6 consecutive private lessons. 
For private lessons of less than 6 sessions, and provided you have acquired a minimum level, the medal is proposed at the price of 7.50€ (on sale at the ESF office on presentation of proof of level issued by the instructor at the end of the lesson).